About Marsha

Marsha Busse was brought up in Adelaide and her love affair with desserts started as a young child. Her pastry chef father would regularly bake, cook and even temper chocolate in the home kitchen. Marsha and her siblings would spend their summer holidays having cook-offs.

While completing studies in hospitality and front-of-house management, Marsha realised she wanted to instead work in the kitchen. She moved to Amsterdam to work with her chocolatier cousin for six months before travelling to the United Kingdom to focus on plated desserts. After writing letters to all of the top restaurants in Glasgow she finally knocked on the door of Nick Nairn’s acclaimed Nairns restaurant and offered to work for free. Her bold move paid off. She was hired on the spot and ended up staying two years.

Marsha spent nine years in London working at some of the world’s top restaurants: Gordon Ramsay’s Maze under Jason Atherton, Zuma, and at 3-star Michelin restaurants: Gordon Ramsay and The Fat Duck.  Before returning home she spent 8 weeks in the America, doing Stages, at The French Laundry, Alinea, Charlie Trotters, and Corton.  Then returning to Australia to work at the Melbourne incarnation of Maze followed by stints at Andrew McConnell’s landmark Melbourne restaurants, Cutler & Co., and Cumulus, Inc.